Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to work with Micah in a personally and professionally enhancing capacity.  Believe me when I say that she is just as talented as she is intuitive.  The impact of her unique coaching design on my life has been transformative and profound.  Just to name a few of the empowering shifts that have occurred as the result - I have received the jobs and promotions I aspired toward, I live more abundantly, my relationships and communication skills have improved, I have learned to ask for what I need, and now understand that I deserve to receive the great gifts that life has to offer.  Micah helped me to create a resilient framework of which I can continuously cultivate and build upon.  I am deeply grateful, thank you so much! "

~ Susan Duckett, Business Analyst & Consultant

On top of being one of the most positive people I know, Micah listens deep to the heart of what your words are saying to get to the truth behind what it is you are truly trying to communicate. How can I tell? In the intentional questions she asks me after my rambling that cause me to look at that ignored corner of my mind where the answer to my problem is staring at me wondering what took me so long…that is coaching at it’s finest.

~ Miles Dodge, Global Buyer & Executive


In my experiences Micah’s intuition has been spot on, and has helped to cultivate growth, expansion and manifestation in various areas of my life. Growth and change can be uncomfortable because it stretches us all. Micah has the ability to gracefully support her clients as they uncover their limiting beliefs. Then help them cultivate the change to get to their desired goal. She's a gem, a true gift to the Earth, and a pleasure to work with!

~ Courtney Jones, Marriage & Family Therapist

Before I get into the why, I would first like to say that Micah is an awesome, inspiring, motivating and insightful coach. We've been working together for quite a while and in the beginning I wasn't sure I even needed a coach, I was on the fence but once I started my sessions I soon realized the great benefit it was bringing to my life both professionally and personally. I run a small but growing company and at times one can feel a little lost on the path forward. Micah has helped guide me and provide insightful recommendations to allow my company to grow and expand sustainably both in terms of my energy and business strategy. I have been able to delegate and form new positions to alleviate my time to focus on the bigger picture while not getting wrapped up in the small details. The results have been tremendous. We are now a more streamlined business with departments and roles well-defined, we are on a more sustainable path moving forward, I see a clearer and more tangible future and much of this stems from my weekly or bi-weekly collaboration with Micah.

The differences in our workplace culture are one of the biggest benefits and results from our work together. Through our work Micah has pushed and challenged me to look at each individual in my company to identify the good, the bad, the toxic and the mediocre. I've had to make a lot of tough decisions to let people go that do not align with the positive, growth-oriented culture we are building and through Micah's support I was able to do that while at the same time developing and encouraging those that are engaged and aligned with our core values. We now have a team of awesome people who work together to get things done, who appreciate each other's work and who see the bigger picture.

The most valuable thing about coaching is the support and consistent, insightful feedback that Micah provides when experiencing a challenging situation. Micah helps put things in perspective, challenges my thoughts and actions appropriately and provides thoughtful, collaborative solutions to current and in the moment issues.

Truly a pleasure to work with Micah.

                                                                     ~ Melissa Gagnier-Solis, COO


Intuitive wisdom with a side of southern sweetness...that's what you'll receive when you're coached by Micah Stover!  Since day one of meeting Micah, my abundant world expanded.  Receiving coaching from her challenged me to deal with internal places that were incongruent with the life I desired to live.  Micah has a unique way of successfully merging practical strategies with needed spiritual insight. She doesn't push. She doesn't force.  However, her gentle guidance compels and equips you to create change for yourself. That internal stuff can be hard work!  Having a sage with southern charm makes it a little easier.

~ Kecia Jones, Founder Millenial Movement


When I first began working with Micah, I was on the tail end of significant transitions in both my professional and personal life. I remember several times when I had been facing overwhelm (and was trying to hide it) that she provided the space to slow down my brain and identify actionable next steps that were relieving because they were empowering. She picks up on what I don’t say, even when I haven’t fully or consciously formed those thoughts, and so I feel 100% heard and seen when I’m with her. Her approach is holistic in nature, incorporating the appropriate amount of empathy when applicable. She’s helped me become clear on the strengths that I could lean on to continually pull myself into a better place. I can count on feeling fulfilled and motivated after every one of our sessions. 

I have always been one to set my own goals, think through how to achieve them strategically, and follow through with them as planned. However, having Micah as a thought partner has helped balance out my approaches and processing. She helped me discover unique ways that my brain works so that I could consciously choose when to be vulnerable by branching out of my usual tendencies. This enabled me to set aside my strategies that I knew “worked” long enough to explore whether other strategies might work better. I can’t imagine experiencing this type of growth without her.

~ Sophia Jackson, Executive Coach & Career Consultant


I've known and worked with Micah for years and she has a terrific blend of open-minded creative thinking and an astute business sense. She cares deeply about people and their success and is incredibly perceptive of what is going on behind the words in understanding the people she works with and what they need. She was born to do personal development work.

~ Dave Tilton, Entrepreneur & Financial Advisor