It's Time to Actualize Your Vision

Meet Micah Stover, Coach & Consultant, and learn a little more about her approach to working with clients. 


What's next for you?

Do you consider yourself or your organization to be bright, progressive and driven by a vision? Do you feel actualizing that vision is harder than it ought to be? Perhaps you sense continuing to "push" or "rationalize" through the process requires more than simply determination and intelligence.

In my practice, I work with my clients in this space of actualization. Through holistic, strategic partnership, I’m able to support clients in bridging gaps between their long term vision and current reality. The path and process for doing this is ultimately simple. By engaging people’s curiosity and intuition as well as creating a steady stream of feedback and accountability, I regularly see my clients make lasting positive change in their lives and work.

Whether individuals or organizations, all of my clients share important key characteristics. They are high-achieving, determined and visionary. They have already been successful, and are seeking to leverage that success to accomplish more. They have a clear sense of direction, but are not necessarily clear on all the fine details. They recognize their ability and success, and also identify the need and value in having a strategic thought partner to support them in getting from point A to B more effectively and efficiently.