The Garden Philosophy

Growing up the garden was one of the most constant and stabilizing metaphors and teachers in my development.

Two key values that permeated my childhood and were reflected through the garden were  the importance of nature and a sense of responsibility. 

These lessons came to life through the natural cycle of the seasons and the respective work that accompanied them.

From the garden, I intuited powerful lessons —

  • Abundance begins very small - as in a tiny seed

  • Responsibility & continuity of care are required for a seed to reach its potential 

  • Patience and trust are essential elements  

  • Surrendering attachment to outcomes

  • Recognizing beauty in the process of growth itself 


Our work was and is to trust, trust in the ebb and flow of Nature, as well as in ourselves. 

In so much of my work today, I am reminded of these lessons of my childhood and rooted in a strong desire to share the profound simplicity of these learnings with my clients.