You Need a Partner, Not a Formula

There’s no shortage of resources out there to help professionals grow their business and themselves. I don’t discount the value of any of those resources. In fact, through our collaboration, many of my clients find the resources they already invest in even more valuable as a result of our strategic partnership.

This is what distinguishes my work from the sea of resources available. I seek to meet each of my clients where they are. Unlike many coaches who work from a more formulaic model or process, I take the general scaffolding and using my curiosity and intuition collaborate with my client to design a program uniquely tailored to their specific needs.

The Art of Coaching, The Science of Consulting

I see Coaching as the Art of what I do, while Consulting is more of the Science. Coaching happens without a script, in the moment, and is unique to each individual I work with. Consulting follows a much more concrete process and methodology. Many coaches operate more in one domain than the other. My background, which is a hybrid of academic training in the arts and professional experience in the business world enable me to uniquely straddle both realities and ultimately help my clients to do the same.

Fully Tap Your Creative Core

I believe all human beings have a creative core. Whether right brained or left brained, male or female, young or old — all of us start our journey curious and inherently creative. We learn through a process of trial and error, and no two peoples’ process is the same.

As we mature, much of that innate curiosity and creativity are chipped away at and intuition is over-laid with logic and reason. While logic and reason serve a purpose, when divorced from creativity they can often generate work and experience that fall flat and are ultimately unfulfilling.  

Uncover Renewed Energy and Focus

I work closely with my clients to support them in tapping back into that deeper, creative core. As this process happens, my clients cultivate greater accessibility to that place, and as a result, discover renewed energy and focus for their work and themselves. In the personal sphere this yields greater work-life balance and more meaningful, healthy relationships. At work, this creative energy yields better results in less time with richer engagement and team culture.